Monday, November 23, 2009

Press Release for Chocolate Bars and Coffee Shops

Publicity press releases for local chocolate and dessert havens such as coffee shops, pastry shops and cafes.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
The Chocolate Bar by Max Brenner is home to a new chocolate culture embodying every fantasy  and childhood dream of chocolate. The Chocolate Bar features, in addition to the retail space, a bar area for patrons to try new chocolate products as well as the best cup of hot chocolate- the ultimate in decadence!

Experience the all new Chocz which features a perfect synthesis of the finest raw ingriedients, an exclusive craft based production and the ingenuity of true chocolate lovers. Chocz, presents to you a gift of pure indulgence, a pleasure for the palate and an invitation to discover and admire.

SG Passion Cafe
Enjoy a quiet moment with your favourite gourmet coffee, cakes, pastries and local delights, as you reconnect your friendships and found memories. Ignite your artistic passions and immerse yourselves in the world of creativity at our regular show cases of regular art pieces.

Canelle Patisserie-Chocolaterie
Pastry chef Pang Kok Keong has travelled the world, including Spain, Shanghai and Paris, to train in the art of baking. From multi-layered cakes to dense chocolates, the creations melt in your mouth, with a lingering rcih after-taste.

The V Tea Room
"Like a fairytale out of a story book, the V Tea Room is a very unique place that speaks to your heart..." Let the daily selections of European warm bakes, luxurious signature liquer teacakes and original creations of exotic handmade cookies dazzle your tastebuds. Pair these sweet treats with the tea room's delightful choices of masterblended teas and velvety liquer coffees. The elegant setting and famous service culture will certainly leave a lasting impression.
"To the many moments of reminiscence that you hold dear, and always look forward to..."

Crossroads Cafe 
Crossroads Cafe is the perfect place to bag a seat and watch the world go by. As its name suggests, it's located at the junction of Singapore's premier shopping streets- Orchard road and Scotts Road. You can opt for al fresco, for hald of this cafe is outdoors and kept cool by ceiling fans. The menu offers local and continental fare, so recharge your batteries here and shop on.

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