Monday, August 24, 2009

Press Release for Liquors and Wines Product

An example media release launching a new product into the market with a tie-in between a distributor and a host embassy.

A New Toast of the Town

A dish will always be better if there is fine wine on the side. However, culinary traditions in San Marino literally infuse liquors and wines with food, creating dishes with a distinct twist.

San Marino is a quaint republic found in Western Europe. It is the third smallest independent state after the Vatican and Monaco. Though landlocked within Italy, they've still established their own identity, being one of the top producers of wines and liquors widely appreciated around the world.

In a bid to form a strong alliance between the Philippines and San Marino, Honorary Consul General of San Marino to the Philippines Jean Lhuillier recently hosted a dinner and introduced some of the country's traditional liquor-infused preparations.

Lhuillier said that San Marino's liquors and wines are able to go with any style of cuisine and are flexible- meaning they can be drank straight, mixed, or even paired to enhance the flavor of the main entree. They offer liquors and wines such as Limoncino, Assenzio (anise-flavor liquor) and Black Rum.

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