Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Press Release Notice of Retirement and Change of Heads within the Company

When an Executive director retires, a sample press release lets the whole world know.

Please be advised that Executive Director James Searle has retired after a fifteen-year stint as Chairman of the Board for RedHotLabbs LLC. Seasoned marketing executive Randall Fern took over the role in March 2010.

Margaret Dobbs, managing director of RedHotLabbs said that bringing in Fern into the picture is consistent with the vision of the RedGroup, harnessing emerging management talents from within the firm.

Randall Fern is bringing in his valuable regional experience in brand planning and media positioning which he acquired as the Research Division Head of RedTarts, a Tech subsidiary of RedHotLabbs LLC. Incredibly, for 2010, Fern will jumpstart RedHotLabbs with major product launches in Beijing and Shanghai as the company vies to be a top investor in China.

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