Saturday, July 24, 2010

Press Release for Summer Promotions

A sample Press Release for a Summer Promo by a gas company

Ready, Get Shell, Go!

Get cool summer treats when you avail of any Shell Helix oil change packages at participating Shell Helix service centres nationwide from March 8 to May 31 and get a chance to win even more prizes in the Shell Helix Hot Summer Shots!

Just take your car on a road trip this summer, have fun in the sun, and you can win cool gadgets!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Press Release for Alcoholic Beverage

Sample Press Release for Alcoholic Beverage or liquor brand

The Mark of True Friendship

Men seek true and lasting friends. They go through thick and thin together. Good thing there's Fundador Imperial, the newest premium brandy from the House of Fundador , to be with them in their tests of friendship. The original Brandy de Jerez, Fundador is the true Spanish brandy with the benchmark brandy taste and smoothness enjoyed by Filipinos for over 1oo years. Know what matters with Fundador Imperial.


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