Saturday, December 12, 2009

Press Release for Company’s Change of Name

Sample media release when a company changes its name, direction and branding.

Ardent Premium has now changed its name to The Ardent-Viceroy Worldwide now manned by CEO Victor Royce.

Victor Royce is the son of the late Victorino Royce II, the shipping magnate which pioneered deep sea mining. Ardent Premium was known for its global shipping services and its groundbreaking software investments. The company recently acquired several Tech start ups and has further its venture as capable software firm. The name change to Ardent-Viceroy Worldwide will define the shift that is taking place at the heart of Ardent as it takes on a stronger vision.

Immediate steps to launch the new branding for the company will include the introduction of the new corporate headquarters plus branding and identity. The new brand insignia will be rolled out in 2010 by all Ardent-Viceroy subsidiaries.

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