Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sample Press Release Announcing New Acquisition

Some ideal openers for your acquisitions press release:

• Brand X Limited, LLC. announces the recent acquisition of the Newark King Brand as a new subsidiary and the latest terms of agreement will be disclose in due time. As we welcome the Newark King Brand into the Brand X group of companies, we believe that their expertise in vendor solutions will greatly contribute toward expanding our product offerings.

• As part of Brand X Global's continuing expansion, the new acquisition of Bay Area Goods will improve our business growth to our existing customers. 

• United by a common business culture, a new alliance between Brand X Global and Quagmire South has been signed. The acquisition makes now Brand X Global the forerunner in the telecommunications market, enhancing the company’s future growth and performance. Quagmire South brings in excellent products and an established, consumer base of over 5 million households.

• By combining resources, Brand Y Company and North Area Inc. will now be leading the industry into innovative policies in logistical assessment. Strengths and assets that you won’t find from other solution firms in the global market. The acquisition agreement was closed last Tuesday August 3, 2010, having been approved by core members of the Board of Directors and top stockholders.

• CallisCorp is pleased to announce an agreement in principle to acquire a 100% interest in Hudson Enterprises, a UK based conglomerate. CallisCorp has shipping services spanning 80 ports worldwide in 3 timezones. Gross revenue in 2004 was $ 5.2 million. The acquisition will be subject to regulatory consent. The acquisition price is based on the earnings of CallisCorp for the decade.

Some concrete and existing samples from the following companies:

NVIDIA to Acquire AGEIA Technologies

The J. Paul Getty Museum announces Two New Acquisitions

SecureWorks Closes Acquisition of VeriSign's Managed Security Services Business

Press release on Dunfermline Acquisition

Benetton Group acquires Benetton Sportsystem: Creating one of the world’s largest groups in the clothing and sports equipment sector

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