Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Press Release for Product Launch

A sample press release for a product launch organized by an events company for a convenience store franchise.

7-11 Mock Elections (Gulp your Vote) launched by ATP Productions

Last March 2 2010 , ATP productions organized and launched 7-eleven's 7-elections

Basically a spin-off of the "cup your vote" Obama-McCain elections in the USA where one can go to a 7-11 and order a beverage cup with your desired presidentiable-elect on the cup.  If you are an Obama supporter and you would go buy an Obama Gulp cup, your purchase would be tallied in the 7-eleven store and your vote would be counted in their mock polls. 

Essentially the same model is used here in the Philippines version but there are more cups to choose from since there are more presidentiables vying for office.There were two components to the launch:

An Internal Launch - focused on the store managers and store keepers of 7-eleven so that they fully understand the mechanics of the mock polls

A Media launch - informing the media about the mechanics of the promo and the brand.

ATP is an event organizer in the Philippines which specializes in BTL , corporate events, product launches, and awards nights for top corporations in the Philippines. 

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