Saturday, June 25, 2011

Press Release for Candle Company

A sample Press Release highlighting a product's quality and description is effective for industry specific products such as this candle company.

Everlasting Elegance

Everlasting Paradise Candles are simply the best mechanical candles available to the commercial decorating industry. With proper care, you will experience many trouble-free years of decorating and profits.

Won’t Drip Wax
Paradise Candles eliminate expensive clean-up problems and damage to equipment, church and carpet linens.

Won’t Burn down
Paradise Candles always remain the same height. No more uneven candles in multi-branch candelabra. No more worries about candles burning down into flammable materials.

Won’t Wilt or Bend
Paradise Candles will put an end to embarrassing “candle droop” caused by excessive heat.

Ideal for:
Wedding Candelabra
Party Supply Rentals
Floral Design
Interior Decorating

Friday, June 24, 2011

Skin Care and Cosmetics Press Releases

Beauty magazines usually feature the latest press releases on skin scare products. The cosmetic industry is big on publicity regardless of the region, beauty products especially high-end brands always have enough press to go on. Here are some press release samples for skin care and beauty products.

Dior’s revolutionary HydrAction skincare series works both on the surface and deep in your skin to quench and transform a parched countenance. The Aquacapt complex plump up the skin while the Aquaporin technology hydrates by improving the circulation of water between cells.


If you have sensitive skin, and cleansers leave your face as dry as the Sahara. Skinvac’s dermatological cloth may be a less irritating option. The Daily Cleanser towellete’s ultra-fine grip texture wipes away pore-clogging residue and protruding whiteheads while the Exfoliation cloth stimulates skin cell renewal. Just rinse them after each use, and wash occasionally with a few drops of detergent. For more info visit


Want to wake up to brand new skin? Clinique’s Pore Minimizer Thermal Active Skin Refiner rescues dull-looking skin by getting rid of pore-stretching dead skin cells. This dual action formula uses a combination of chemical (salicylic acid) and physical (cellulose beads) exfoliants to refine skin. It has the additional ingredient of calcium chloride (which warms upon contact with water) to dislodge impurities.


Spots and freckles have no fighting chance against Cosme Decorte’s Whitelogist. This formula boasts a cocktail of melanin inhibiting ingredients such a rock rose extract, melothria extract, polyphector and coffee seed extract. These combine with phospholipids to produce the PAC-Oligomer complex, which transforms dark-coloured melanin into colourless melanin.


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