Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Press Release for Foam Mattress

A sample Press Release for a Foam Mattress Brand that is durable and has anti-bacterial qualities.

Millions of people suffer from allergies caused by dust mites and other germs and harmful microorganisms found at home. Perefct Serenity has been especially designed to help address this problem and satisfy the need for a mattress that offers protection against allergy-causing microbes and provides a comfort layer for extra cushioning and support.

A good night's sleep is one of life's best qualities. It is a course of energy alertness and vibrance for the day to come. The best way to experience these qualities is to find a mattress with great protection, comfort and durability.

This new mattress from Uratex provides a comfort layer for extra cushioning and the support that comes with every Uratex Foam mattress. With its elegant wave quilt design and its antibacterial properties you are sure to have a good night's sleep... in Perefct Serenity.

Assurance of Quality
The foam is guaranteed for a period of five full years from date of purchase against inherent manufacturing defects and/or damage, wear and tear under normal usage.

Polyurethane foam has a natural tendency to eventually develop slight shape distortion, minor softening and discoloration. Thus the guarantee is limited to sagging (loss of thickness by more than 25%) and crumbling of the foam slab.

The Quality Seal of Sanitized
The Sanitized Quality Seal is synonymous to cleanliness, purity, hygiene, relief, and most of all, protection from bacteria, dust mites and fungi and unpleasant odors.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Press Release for a Health Product

A sample press release for a health supplement or organic brand in time for a product launch.

How Narra Fits Into Your Healthy Lifestyle

In this day and age where lifestyle is, more often than not, dictated by a daily routine that is stressful, rushed and demanding of time, how can one cope to stay healthy? One thing is for sure: it takes a lot of discipline.  

What constitutes a Healthy Lifestyle?
Regular exercise. Aside from the physical benefits of helping manage your weight and boost your energy level, regular exercise also helps you get through stressful days by helping relax your mind.

Having enough sleep. The demands of work sometimes place you in a situation where you are either deprived of sleep or your sleep pattern gets messed up because of changes in schedules. This takes a toll on your body and mind by lowering your immune system and affecting mental alertness. Make sure you get enough sleep … 8 hours is the recommendation for a good night’s rest to get you going the next day.

Eating the right kinds of food. Fresh is best, whether for fruits & vegetables, meat or seafood. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is always ideal. It is sad to note, though, that because of today’s fast-paced lifestyle and easy access to processed, instant and fast food, proper nutrients are not being fed to the body. This is why we need food supplements – to supplement whatever nutrients we lack. 

Narra: the “intelligent” food supplementNarra or Rosewood in English, the Philippines’ national tree, has been known to have healing properties for centuries. In the 16th & 17th Century Europe it was used as a diuretic and folk medicine to combat tumors. In our present day, the countless health benefits of narra continue to be discovered.  

Eating unhealthy food and living a stressful, inactive unhealthy lifestyle lowers the immune system, making you prone to various diseases. However, this does not mean that everything in your body becomes unhealthy. Narra works by balancing what the body lacks while boosting what is already there. It takes care of the ailment while protecting what is healthy. Thus, the “intelligent” food supplement … attacking only those that harm the immune system or the parts that need healing in the body. This is nature’s way of allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

The components of narra - isoflavones and polyphenolics – are also known as phytochemicals. Research shows that the consumption of isoflavones fight diseases on several fronts, thereby lowering the risk of getting the diseases. Polyphenolics (or Polyphenols), on the other hand, may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer because of anti-oxidant properties that narra possesses.

Further research has shown that narra has the ability to lower blood sugar level, alleviate the inflammation of those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and wash away urinary stones by passing through with the patient’s urine.  

Aside from the health benefits of narra previously mentioned, some of the other benefits are: fights viral infections, prevents/removes unwanted growths such as warts and cysts, relieves difficulty in urination, fights againsed skin problems such as acne, washes away toxins, relieves pain in menstrual disorder, relieves airway congestion and opens clogged vessels.

But don’t get the idea that Natursentials Rosewood is just for the sick. It is an appropriate and effective food supplement that can strengthen your immune system and minimize your exposure to illnesses.  

Narra in Convenient Tea and Capsule Form
Narra is available in tea and capsule form only through Naturteq Direct, Inc. Natursentials Rosewood (Narra Bark and Wood Food Supplement) has a patented formula and has no artificial colors, no sugar, no lactose, no milk, no salt, no gluten and no caffeine. It is worthy to note that Naturteq’s narra trees are nurtured and harvested in a 6-acre organic farm, free from pesticides and away from pollution. Young branches are harvested and processed in a hygienic facility monitored under strict world-class standards. Before being packed, the branches go through a process of drying and refining. A special magnetization also removes excess metal and improves negative ions. The whole process assures you of pure, natural products with no additives & no preservatives. 

Develop your own naturally healthy lifestyle now and make Natursentials Rosewood a part of it. Avail of the benefits of this immune booster food supplement only at Naturteq Direct Inc. For more information, you may contact Naturteq Direct Inc. at telephone no. 4709980 visit their website at www.naturteq.com, or email at inquiry@naturteq.com.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sample Press Release for Organic Health Supplements

There is a lot of clamor for herbal and organic products in the market today and this is a press release for a line of Organic Health Supplements made from the mushrooms Ganoderma lucidum. 

Uniting Nature, Science and Life

The Gano Defense System provides a range of herbal supplements containing Ganoderma lucidum, a medicinal mushroom used in Chinese medicine for over 3000 years. Through scientific research and advance production technology it is now organically grown in the Philippines. The Gano Defense System combats the leading ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, liver and digestion disorders.

Created by Nature
We work with nature and local farmer groups for the large scale contract growing of herbs used for our proprietary formulations. We train farmers in good agricultural practices, adapting protocols for organic farming and post harvest technology to ensure the quality of raw materials that go into every product.

Discovered by Science
We are guided by the wisdom of Asian and Filipino folk healing modalities that have been developed over thousands of years, and enhancing these with scientific research in our state of the art laboratory in Negros, the first lab to be GMP and Halal certified by the FDA in the Visayas, with a 5 hectare organic herbal farm, used for our continuing research and development.

Crafted for Life

We believe in doing our share in creating quality products grown on Philippine soil that provides a sustainable livelihood for local farmers, positively impacting rural communities, the country we live in and the next generation of Filipinos.

Visit the website here.


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