Sunday, November 15, 2009

Press Release for New Fragrance Endorsed by a Celebrity

Objects of desire come in an assortment of forms. But the best form can best be associated with the sense of smell. A person may walk pass you and lingers a trail of his scent, leaving you wanting for than just a whiff.

It's hypnotic, it's addicting; it's desirable.

DesireD by Ding Dong Dantes is the latest addition to the Bench Celebrity Scents Collection. Staying close to his masculine physique, this exquisite fragrance is personally selected by the Asian actor and model himself.

His vision- translating his persona in one bottle of infused scents; his choice of scent - elegant yet seductive.

The finest fragrance oils imported from Grasse, France are used, combining notes of bergamot, lavandin, violet leaves, water flowers, and sandalwood.

Mysteriously discreet, get drawn-in by DesireD available at Bench stores nationwide. Indulge yourself in this one of a kind alluring experience.

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