Thursday, December 22, 2011

Press Release Soft Launch

Global brand Markenburg Essentials Limited, a professional cosmetic service provider, opened its newest branch at the Tower 1 Bay Ridge Mall in San Marino. This reinforces Markenburg's commitment to the quality standards that the brand upholds.

Markenburg offers 30 kinds of cosmetic procedures which includes Thai facials and Meridian scrubs. In the photo are finance director John Smith with Mall relations officer Mary Kate Wallace.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Press Release for Coffee Shop Company

Here's a sample Press Release for Coffee Shop Company's latest offerings- hot chocolate for December!

"This time of the year always reminds me of the comfort of keeping warm during the first winter snow," says Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer for Red Mango. "Watching snowflakes fall while being surrounded by the smell of hot cocoa was the feeling I wanted to capture with our Artisan Hot Chocolate."

Kim, who is committed to reproducing distinctive seasonal experiences into new all-natural holiday treats, suggests savoring the Artisan Hot Chocolate with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. The "Artisan" in the name pays tribute to the company's expertise in flavor innovation. True to the company's mission for indulging the natural and healthy way, Artisan Hot Chocolate from Red Mango combines the best of ingredients to melt away the winter chill while elevating the hot chocolate drink to a new level.

Made with all-natural chocolate and nonfat milk, and infused with Ghirardelli® premium cocoa, the velvety Artisan Hot Chocolate is the company's newest winter offering with indulgent rich chocolate swirled with any of four luxurious flavors: Double Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate Truffle, Irish Chocolate Creme, and Chocolate Amaretto.

The Artisan Hot Chocolate collection is available for a limited time at participating locations nationwide throughout the winter season.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Honoring a Recipient Press Release

When its an honor to be given an achievement award, the sample press release must relay the person's role and sacrifice for the community and must be written in a respectful, formal manner.

Congratulations to Chief Hal Doughty of Durango Fire & Rescue

The June winner of Safe Firefighter of the Month is Chief Hal Doughty of Durango Fire & Rescue in Durango, Colo. Prior to coming to Durango two years ago, he was with the Farmington Fire Department for almost 20 years.

During his time with the company, Chief Doughty has implemented a program for company performance tasks (CPTs) that involve “playbook” operations for structure fire calls. He has expanded this to cover wildland fires, and continues to expand the CPTs to other fire service operations such as engineering and leadership roles for captains and BCs.

Chief Doughty saw a need for a fitness program as most line firefighters had no particular regimen in the gym, and fitness seemed relatively voluntary. He did quite a bit of research and came up with the Cooper Institute for health and fitness evaluations. These evaluations give individuals a baseline fitness level and goals to make for the next year. The bottom line is if you participate at all in the program you will improve.

Along with the Cooper evaluations, the department does a pack test every year, and Chief Doughty has also implemented a Fitness Assessment Test (FAT) for return to duty for a line firefighter who gets injured on the job. Chief Doughty has written a Fitness SOP to include a medical physical plan, Annual Fitness Assessment Test, Pack Test, Fitness Program and Wellness Program.

In addition, Chief Doughty is working with neighboring mutual aid fire departments on a countywide accountability SOP to include passport placards and on-scene company tags. He is also working on a countywide Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) SOP. Other things the chief is working on to keep his team and community safe are:

  • Developing expectations for fire captains;
  • Supporting efforts for a preplan program;
  • Forming a CADET program at the high school level to teach a Firefighter 1 class;
  • Setting up Blue Card, Acting In Capacity (AIC) Engineer, Captain and BC programs.

He is also working on Operational SOPs to include ICS/Command bundle, Staging SOP, Accountability SOP, Communication SOP, Response SOP, Structure Fire SOP, RIT, Technical Rescue bundle, EMS bundle and HazMat bundle.

Chief Doughty feels that by implementing these programs and SOPs, as well as others to follow, it makes following the “Rules of Engagement” or the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives more natural and second nature.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Press Release for a Facial Beauty Product

A short press release for a global brand specializing in beauty products. Such short press appears on magazine tail ends or special beauty promo sections.

Be Kind to your Skin
If you have sensitive skin, your best bet is a product that leaves out potential irritants like fragrance and colorants. Olay Total Effects+ has developed a gentle version of its Total Effects moisturizer. It is oil, colour and fragrance-free, and does not clog pores. It also contains the patented Vitaniacin complex, a blend of antioxidants and vitamins, plus light diffusers that soften the appearance of fine lines.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Press Release for Refrigeration Company

SRC Refrigeration

Since 1980, SRC Refrigeration has been satisfying the floral industry with styling, value and dependability. Our “designer series” offers the largest selection of floral refrigeration in the industry; from combination display and storage to standard and custom models.

Simply put, value means more for your money.

All SRC Refrigeration floral coolers exceed “Chain of Life” standards. Learn how “Surround Air” extends freshness by gently bathing the flowers with generous humidity and uniform air temperature.

High quality components along with expert factory installation provide years of dependability. Our excellent warranties are backed by local service companies. Call us today. Many products are in stock or available for quick shipment. Convenient monthly lease and purchase plans are available.

SRC Refrigeration
6615 Nineteen Mile Road
Sterling Heights, Michigan USA
Toll Free: 1-800-521-0398

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Press Release for Candle Company

A sample Press Release highlighting a product's quality and description is effective for industry specific products such as this candle company.

Everlasting Elegance

Everlasting Paradise Candles are simply the best mechanical candles available to the commercial decorating industry. With proper care, you will experience many trouble-free years of decorating and profits.

Won’t Drip Wax
Paradise Candles eliminate expensive clean-up problems and damage to equipment, church and carpet linens.

Won’t Burn down
Paradise Candles always remain the same height. No more uneven candles in multi-branch candelabra. No more worries about candles burning down into flammable materials.

Won’t Wilt or Bend
Paradise Candles will put an end to embarrassing “candle droop” caused by excessive heat.

Ideal for:
Wedding Candelabra
Party Supply Rentals
Floral Design
Interior Decorating

Friday, June 24, 2011

Skin Care and Cosmetics Press Releases

Beauty magazines usually feature the latest press releases on skin scare products. The cosmetic industry is big on publicity regardless of the region, beauty products especially high-end brands always have enough press to go on. Here are some press release samples for skin care and beauty products.

Dior’s revolutionary HydrAction skincare series works both on the surface and deep in your skin to quench and transform a parched countenance. The Aquacapt complex plump up the skin while the Aquaporin technology hydrates by improving the circulation of water between cells.


If you have sensitive skin, and cleansers leave your face as dry as the Sahara. Skinvac’s dermatological cloth may be a less irritating option. The Daily Cleanser towellete’s ultra-fine grip texture wipes away pore-clogging residue and protruding whiteheads while the Exfoliation cloth stimulates skin cell renewal. Just rinse them after each use, and wash occasionally with a few drops of detergent. For more info visit


Want to wake up to brand new skin? Clinique’s Pore Minimizer Thermal Active Skin Refiner rescues dull-looking skin by getting rid of pore-stretching dead skin cells. This dual action formula uses a combination of chemical (salicylic acid) and physical (cellulose beads) exfoliants to refine skin. It has the additional ingredient of calcium chloride (which warms upon contact with water) to dislodge impurities.


Spots and freckles have no fighting chance against Cosme Decorte’s Whitelogist. This formula boasts a cocktail of melanin inhibiting ingredients such a rock rose extract, melothria extract, polyphector and coffee seed extract. These combine with phospholipids to produce the PAC-Oligomer complex, which transforms dark-coloured melanin into colourless melanin.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Press Release for Travel and Tours company

Amadeus signs agreement with Premiere Travel and Tours

Amadeus, a leading technological partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, signs a multi-year agreement extension with Premiere Travel and Tours, Inc. The agreement will allow Premiere Travel and Tours, one of country's leading corporate travel facilitators, access to the Amadeus Inventory of 731 airlines, 130,000 hotels, 26 car rental companies, and 20 cruise lines worldwide.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Press Release for Bottled Mineral Water Product

Sample Press Release for Bottled Mineral Water or Beverage Product

Throughout the day, it is important to have enough water in our body for our well-being. Body fluids can be lost through sweat as we engage in various physical activities in our home and workplace. The fact is, proper hydration is essential to our way of life. Whenever we hydrate, we flush out the toxins and give every cell in our bodies the water it needs to function properly.

We enjoy a burst of energy when we take that sip of water all because dehydration can slw down our metabolism. And thirst is just one of the body signals that tell us that we need to bring back the water we lose.

Good thing there's Viva! Mineralized water. It hydrates, cleanses and revitalizes your body.

A simple sip of Viva can help regulate body temperature and can take out the impurities from our bodies. And since water carries nutrients to our cells, drinking Viva can prove to be beneficial for all metabolic processes that occur in our body.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Press Release Congratulations on Company's Inauguration

On behalf of TM Equities, I wish to congratulate your group of companies on the inauguration of RedWest LLC. 

On the ocassion of its 20th anniversary, a culture of excellance has indeed taken root and it is here to stay at RedWest. This reality is borne out by the company's recent aggressive expansion and upgrading of facilities. When the construction of the RedWest headquarters commenced on May 2011, the Board of Directors envisioned the project as a significant milestone in the company's continuing mission to generate economic growth and creatie opportunities for employment.

The new vision is all about promoting synergy  and enhancing the work flow to better serve principals and the staff. With joy and pride, le me again extend my best wishes to the management and staff of RedWest LLC.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Press Release for Hotel

Sample Press Release for a Hotel's Valentine's Day Promo

The Peninsula: The Art of Love

“If music be the food of love, play on…”

“the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

“better is a dinner of herbs where love be…”

“for he on honey-dew hath fed…”

The connection between appetite and love or mood is well attested. Food has the task of nourishing the body and brain, love of feeding the soul and spirit, and sometimes the two overlap. The writer Isabel Allende says, quite simply, that any food prepared with love has magic in it.

This is the journey proposed by the Peninsula Manila this Valentine’s – to celebrate on Feb 13 and 14, the link between physical sustenance and love: between the feeding of the body , and of the soul and the heart. En route magical things may happen. The time-honored tradition of the romantic candle lit dinner for two takes on a new guise as Executive Chef Adam Mathis and his kitchen team investigate the ways in which to weave magic into meals, turning every morsel into a spell. 


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