Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Press Release for Bottled Mineral Water Product

Sample Press Release for Bottled Mineral Water or Beverage Product

Throughout the day, it is important to have enough water in our body for our well-being. Body fluids can be lost through sweat as we engage in various physical activities in our home and workplace. The fact is, proper hydration is essential to our way of life. Whenever we hydrate, we flush out the toxins and give every cell in our bodies the water it needs to function properly.

We enjoy a burst of energy when we take that sip of water all because dehydration can slw down our metabolism. And thirst is just one of the body signals that tell us that we need to bring back the water we lose.

Good thing there's Viva! Mineralized water. It hydrates, cleanses and revitalizes your body.

A simple sip of Viva can help regulate body temperature and can take out the impurities from our bodies. And since water carries nutrients to our cells, drinking Viva can prove to be beneficial for all metabolic processes that occur in our body.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Press Release Congratulations on Company's Inauguration

On behalf of TM Equities, I wish to congratulate your group of companies on the inauguration of RedWest LLC. 

On the ocassion of its 20th anniversary, a culture of excellance has indeed taken root and it is here to stay at RedWest. This reality is borne out by the company's recent aggressive expansion and upgrading of facilities. When the construction of the RedWest headquarters commenced on May 2011, the Board of Directors envisioned the project as a significant milestone in the company's continuing mission to generate economic growth and creatie opportunities for employment.

The new vision is all about promoting synergy  and enhancing the work flow to better serve principals and the staff. With joy and pride, le me again extend my best wishes to the management and staff of RedWest LLC.


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