Monday, August 16, 2010

Sample Press Release for Groundbreaking Ceremony

Press Release for Groundbreaking Ceremony of a Corporation making an Investment on a big construction project

Eagle Investment Holdings broke ground recently to mark the start of the construction for the $120 million Research Institute and Education Complex at Springfield San Marino last October 11, 2010.  The Institute will include a 500-room lab and quarantine facility covering some 21,000 square meters of floor area.

Leading the groundbreaking is CEO Abgott Dowager with Marketing Head Sylvia Lambert and Community Manager Dr. Hotchner Tibbens. 

[Insert Photo] In the background, the first concrete pile is driven to start the construction of the world's first research institute on Halitosis. 

Eagle Investment Holdings is known for its visionary investments in the field of nanotechnology and hygiene sciences. The Institute is set to operate by 2012.

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