Monday, August 24, 2009

Publicity with Flyers: Best Promo Mileage at the Lowest Cost

Hosting a Gig? Flyers are a great way to promote performance poetry, spoken word, mini concerts, or even local air guitar championships.

Flyer design by David Witt, aka DWITT.

A secret to any cool gig or community event is a really cool flyer! Go for real eyecandy, great illustrations and wicked typography.

Full color printing is way cheaper now, compared to the old rockin' days when there was a quota on the number of pieces per print plus color separation. Now you can have a variety of flyer designs printed out for less than $5-$10 in sets.

Flyer dsign by Nazario Graziano

But never forget to emphasize the important details- the Date, ticket price or admission details and Venue. Also avoid putting all you sponsors in one flyer, there is enough space on the venue itself to promote their product and logos.

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