Monday, August 17, 2009

Flower Shop Press Release

For any flower shop in the flower and gift delivery business, getting the word out before any holiday or event means brisk business. Make print promos work for you, you may get a large quantity of orders via phone through the appropriate press release.

Celebrate with Flowers!

At the flower depot, enjoy a varied selection of prime-cut fresh flowers like red and pink roses, daisies, and tulips set individually o in elegant bouquets. Showcase your flowers in stunning glass vases and handmade woven baskets.

Enhance their appreciation with Flower depot's exclusiveassortment of premium chocolates, sweets and other delicacies.

Our arrangements include:

  • Six pink roses bouquet
  • assorted fragrance aromatherapy lamps with floral accents
  • red roses with green bamboo in cylindrical vase
  • Three red roses with bear and heart chocolates
  • Lilies with truffles

Contact a Flower depot branch for your select orders!

Flower Photo by Perseverando

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